Design Sprint

Solve big product challenges and test new ideas in 5 days. Get user insights before launching and see how customers react.

What is a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a 5-day process to create new products or improve existing ones. It starts with a big challenge and ends with a high-fidelity prototype tested with real users at the end of the week.

Why use a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint boosts the speed of progress, stops guesswork and lowers the risk of developing something that's not worth the effort. It helps to get your product right while saving a lot of time.

Generate Solutions

On Monday we'll work with you to define the challenges and the focus of the week. We’ll define a long-term goal, pick a target area in the customer journey and align everybody on the team. Tueday is all about having clear focus and creating multiple solutions to solve the challenge.

Decide & Build

On Wednesday we’ll decide what solution we want to test at the end of the week. We vote and create a clear sequence of screen drawings. Thursday is all about bringing the drawings to life and forming a realistic, clickable facade to test on Friday.

Test & Learn

On Friday real target users will come and test the prototype on a given device. The usability test is done in one-on-one interviews with the team taking notes on the insights. We’ll understand why something works or doesn’t work as well as where we have to readjust and iterate.